The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers

REMARKS BY Engr Adewale George ADEYEMI, The Chairman of The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers on behalf of the executive committee and members of NIMechE Ota Chapter @ the Second Pubic Lecture & Induction ceremony of new members

OPENING REMARKS BY Engr Adewale George ADEYEMI MNSE MNIMechE , The Chairman of The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers on behalf of the executive committee and members of NIMechE Ota Chapter @ the Second Pubic Lecture & Induction ceremony of new members held at Temperance Hotel, Bells University Drive Ota on April 3rd 2021.

All protocols respectively observed.

I am elated to welcome you all to this auspicious occasion of the 2nd Public Lecture, being opportunity for us to discuss “Industry-University Partnership: The wide Margin and Barrier to Nigerian Universities global ranking” & Induction ceremony of new members, which is the final lap of the process to full registration as a Registered Mechanical Engineers, licensed to practice under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Having been found worthy by the council of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers for scaling series of stages and making required payment not excluding having minimum of four years of professional experience post graduation, the inductees will today be welcome as full fledged Registered Mechanical Engineers by kind approval of the Council of NIMechE under the leadership of the National Chairman.

Let me use this opportunity to appreciate executive committee and distinguished members that have contributed immensely to the growth of this chapter which happened to be the pioneer chapter in Ogun State and not minding that this chapter was inaugurated in December 2017 we are not found wanting in the committee of chapters and the result of NIMechE group dynamics ranked NIMechE Ota chapter in 12th position out of about 30 Chapters, this is good starting point but we must build on this and not relax until we become a topic and reference point. We have what it takes if we will all seek to give our best and take advantage that Ota is rich in all that we need to be the best, i.e higher and research institutions with good complement of industrial hub, we need to be steadfast so as to bestow a legacy of excellence to generation coming after us.

In order to Activate the Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Mechanical Engineers, which was our theme for the first Public Lecture we must bridge the gap between our higher institutions and the industries which will narrow, if not able to remove, the wide margin and barrier to our institution global rating. Looking at innovation as a by product of our higher institutions while entrepreneurship is the driven force of the industry, the interpolation of the two bring prosperity and progress to any nation and the partnership of higher institution (innovation) and industry(entrepreneurship) spurs the nation to unprecedented development and grant the higher institutions prime position in global rating. Local content as being projected by the federal government will be a mirage if we sideline the fulcrum and focus of this 2nd public lecture and to provide us insight to the only normal to global relevance and tool to transform us from unemployment bedridden nation to human resources enhancer to productivity is Engr Prof. Ojo Sunday Isaac Fayomi MNSE, the President of Ignite World, one of the youngest Professor and achieved researcher with global reputation as one of the best 50 authors in Africa, he is a Professor with mandate to bridge the gap between the classroom and industry. He is multi talented with flare for perfection.

Please relax and enjoy the investment of the personalities of out guest speakers and seek your indulgence to make this public lecture very educative and interactive. Welcome once again and have a rewarding and memorable experience by being a good listener.

Thanks and highest regards

Engr A. G. Adeyemi
Chairman, NIMechE Ota Chapter