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The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) is the Mechanical Engineering Division of The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). The Institution has full standing authority as derived from the Articles of Association of The Nigerian Society of Engineers and is not a parallel body to the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). Established in December 2002 at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Mechanical Engineering Division of the NSE at Port Harcourt, it was unanimously agreed that the Mechanical Engineering division of the NSE be transformed into The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers under the leadership of Engr. (Chief) Akintunde S. Zedomi, FNSE, FNIMechE and other elected officials to ensure the take-off to smooth running of the Institution. The Institution has rapidly grown over the last twenty years from just a division in 2002 to over Thirty – Two chapters in 2022. The Chapters of NIMechE are largely responsible for carrying out activities and programs to actualize the objectives and mandates of the Institution. The National Secretariat of the Institution is at No. 10, Damaturu Close, Opp. H-Medix by Domino’s Pizza, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa, FCT, Abuja. In addition to the National Secretariat, the Institution also has a Liaison office at the Lagos National Engineering Centre, Lagos. NIMechE is consistently striving towards the attainment of its rightful place in Mechanical Engineering profession in Nigeria.

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To be the premier Institution for Professional Development, Knowledge Acquisition and Dissemination of Mechanical Engineering and Allied Disciplines

Mission Statement

To propagate the effective practice of Mechanical Engineering within Nigeria and ensure its entrenchment in our body

NIMechE Anthem

The best of the best is NIMechE among all Engineering,

We are developing Technology World, Commitment, Practice and Focus is our watch word.

Mechanical Engineering, the bedrock of all Engineering,

Always leading in the field of progressive Discovery, 2x

together we shall build Nigeria.


We pride ourselves as the largest body of mechanical engineers in Africa. Our programmes are tailored towards bringing together diverse members across the country to network and share ideas, resources towards personal accomplishements.

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Every member is expected in his/her general conduct to uphold and enhance the honour and dignity of the Mechanical Engineering Profession and the reputation of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers and to act always in the public interest.

i.) A member shall make available his professional knowledge and experience in accordance with this code as a consultant or adviser, or a salaried employee, or a teacher of Mechanical Engineering science, or in design, or manufacture, or construction as a faithful agent and trustee of his client, employer or other people connected with the works

ii.) A member shall not practice in a dual capacity as a consultant and as a contractor for the same project except with the prior written consent of the client

iii.) It shall be considered unprofessional and inconsistent with honorable and dignified conduct and contrary to the public interest for any member of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers: a) To exert undue influence or to offer, solicit or accept compensation for the purpose of affecting negotiations for an Engineering engagement b) To use the advantages of a salaried position to compete unfairly with other Engineers. c) To accept remuneration for services rendered other than from his clients or his employer d) To attempt to supplant another Engineer in a particular engagement after definite steps have been taken towards his employment e) To review the work of another Engineer for the same client except with the knowledge of such Engineer unless such Engineer’s engagement on the work which is subject to review has been terminated f) To attempt to injure falsely or maliciously, the professional reputation, business, or employment position of another Engineer

iv. A member shall not place orders on his own behalf in respect of a project in which he is engaged but shall only do so explicitly on behalf of his client.

iv. A member shall not place orders on his own behalf in respect of a project in which he is engaged but shall only do so explicitly on behalf of his client.

v. A Member shall not be the medium of payments made on his client’s behalf unless especially so requested in writing by his client but shall only issue certificate for payment

vi. A member shall not take part in a competition involving the submission of proposals and designs for engineering work unless an assessor who shall be an engineer of acknowledged standing has been appointed to whom all such proposals and designs are to be submitted for adjudication.

vii. A member shall not invite or submit priced proposals under conditions that constitute price competition for professional services

viii. A member shall not invite or advertise engineering services in self-laudatory language or in any other manner derogatory to the dignity of the profession

ix. On engineering works in a foreign country the member may adapt his conduct according to the professional standards and customs of that country but shall adhere as closely as practicable to the principles of this code.

By Order of Council: Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers.